Thursday, May 19, 2011

19 May 2011 - 滿座:筆者的一點投資經驗分享(5月26日)


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為了取得更理想回報,及用多些時間作更深入研究,筆者從2011年5月1日起重組投資組合,主力改變投資策略及組合管理,可按此了解詳情。 另於2011年5月9日作了些補充,可按此重溫。







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Anonymous said...

Dear Red Monkey,

I read your FB and blog everyday. I will attend your talk on 26 May. Pls advice us on your talk >> how to pick the potential stocks, ten baggers stock by FA, when to buy and sell with TA. Many thanks.

Look forwarding to meeting you next Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Dear Redmonkey

i am a long term reader of your blog and also follow your advice when investing. i must thank you for offering such insightful analysis.

as i also track your portfolio in my own excel, and i found there might have some mistake, just want to clarify with you.

For example, in May 16, your cash is 757451, and in May 19, after you sold 2000 (868) at 8.73 = 17460, and buy 2400 (2356) at 12.1 = 29040. the real cash position should be 757451-29040+17460=745871. but yours is 746777, a different of $906

also, since the dividend $1040 of 868 has already been calculated when you sold the 4000 shares in 12 May, there should be no dividend left in 868.

please verify.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Best Regards

紅猴 said...


Thanks for your advice. See you on coming Thu.


紅猴 said...


Appreciate for your verification, from 16 to 19 May, the transactions should be as below

On 16 May, cash is $757,451
On 17 May, 11 ex-dividend of $330 ($1.1x300)
On 17 May, 1020 ex-dividend of $576 ($0.036x16000)
On 19 May, Buy 2356 with $29,040 ($12.1x2400)
On 19 May, Sell 868 with $17,460 ($8.73x2000)

The difference of $906 you mentioned is due to ex-dividend of 11 and 1020 on 17 May.

After ex-dividend, the relevant amount will be reflected in the column 累績股息. Note that 現金 includes the amount shown in 累績股息.

As the column 市值 is 不連股息, there will not be double count of such dividend.

The dividend will be accumulated in the column 累績股息 until all the stocks are sold.

Use 868 as example, it ex-dividend of $1,040 ($0.13x8000) on 28 Apr. As I have forgotten to calculate such dividend on 28 Apr, I reflect this later on 12 May instead. After I sold 4,000 shares and 2,000 shares of 868 on 12 May and 19 May respectively, $1,040 is still shown in the column 累績股息

When the remaining 2,000 shares (all) are sold, the whole row will be deleted and 累績股息 will be decrease by $1,040. The offset this decrease of 現金, I will add $1,040 directly in 現金 at that time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Redmonkey

Thanks for the detail explanation, i also forgot about the ex-dividend on 17 may. i put that amount on the dividend column when it announced. that's why i overlooked.

Thanks again and really appreciate your effort. Please keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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